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Handling of personal data 

Controller for the processing of personal data in the service is AktiveraMera i Linköping AB
(updated 2023-12-07)

As with all internet services, we now need to inform that we store data - but don't worry - we're not doing anything harmful, do not sell your information, etc. - read more below:

GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) is the law that regulates how we may handle your personal data. This law applies throughout the EU and applies from May 25th 2018. In Sweden, The Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) is tasked with ensuring that the law is followed. The purpose of the law is to give EU citizens greater control over how their personal data is handled. It will also create a unified approach to personal data management throughout the European Union. Here we describe how personal data is handled in health challenges organized by AktiveraMera in Linköping AB in the MotionsRace brand or in our customer/partner competition brands that is handled in the same system.

By participating in challenges organized by AktiveraMera in Linköping AB, you and/or the company agree that we may use and handle your personal information as described below. We handle personal data as Personal Data Controller or as Personal Data Processor according to law.

In order for the challenge to work optimally, we need your name, which company or organization you belong to, which team you belong to, and if possible - your email address. The email address is often used as a login name.

Your email address is used by the challenge manager for sending out newsletters and final results, but is never shared with other parties, and is not used for sending advertising emails or other offers unless agreed upon. A device ID will be saved for the notifications.

The system does not collect, and does not need, personal information such as age, gender, height or weight.

Passwords are stored encrypted in the system and cannot be read out by other participants or system administrators.

You always have the opportunity to cancel e-mails from us.

You always have the opportunity to request that all your personal information will be removed from the system. By requesting that your personal information will be removed, your login name will be anonymized, your email address will be deleted, all activity information will be deleted, and your participant identity will be removed from the competition. The changes will take place within 24 hours. If you send the request in the later part of the challenge, the anonymized account will remain in the team until the challenge is finalized.

By default, all challenges are set up so that all personal information is anonymized 60 days after completion unless otherwise agreed.

During the course of the challenge you, as a participant, register activities and/or wellness choices in everyday life such as walking, refrain from sweets and more. These activities are  stored in the system linked to your participation in the challenge.

Your activity data is visible in your activity calendar during the course of the challenge, but is not shared in detail list form/data form. We do not have any APIs or data exports that automatically share your activity data to other systems.

The system runs its operation from a Swedish server hall on Swedish soil and does not use foreign storage of data.

There is a special opportunity for challenges to allow participants to hide their activity calendar (but not their total score) for other participants, if the manager in your organization has requested this.

Other clients in other challenges cannot see or access your activity data. For challenges where several organizations participate in the same challenge, the organizations' points and/or activity calendar can be displayed for each other. Our policy is to communicate this in a clear information box before you as a participant begin your registrations in the challenge.

GleSYS AB and Osolo Consultant Group AB is responsible for operation and the development of the system. Between AktiveraMera in Linköping and above, there is a cooperation agreement that guarantees the handling of personal data as described on this page.


Contact information

To contact our participants and contacts, we use the email service through Google.

For us to be able to keep in touch and inform about development and proposals for future challenges with you as a contact person, we have your information in the Zoho CRM system.

A contact form is available at www.motionsrace.com. This form is based on the Google Forms technology, and is provided by
Google. Any information you submit to us through these forms is stored on Google's servers. By submitting the form, you consent to Google storing your response.

You can ask to be removed from our email lists at any time if you do not want more information from us.