MotionsRace -

Sustainable Science Park Challenge

A corporate team challenge for all companies and organizations operating in any science park.

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MotionsRace Sustainable Science Park Challenge, is a fun and engouraging way to get employees to challenge themselves and each other to become more sustainable.

  • Easy to join
  • Teams = 4-15 participants
  • Points for healthy and environmentally friendly choices in everyday life
    (Some examples of activities; physical activity, the stairs instead of the elevator, varied working posture, climate-smart meetings, eating vegetarian, waste sorting)
  • Every week we focus a little extra on some of the global goals through digital medals with extra bonus points for the team.
  • Activity is easily registered on MotionsRace challenge web or in the app
  • To keep the challenge at a healthy level, you can give your team a maximum of 120 points per day
  • The winning team's prize is a trophy and they will decide which charity gets the money (50 SEK/participants from start fee).
  • Digital diploma for everyone
  • Join and put your company and Science Park on the sustainability map


participation fee: SEK 275 / participant (including 25% VAT)

Of which SEK 50 goes to charity

(Are you more than 100 participants we have discounts, contact us for an offer)


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